Digital Thermometer

Take your readings quickly and reliably using the digital thermometer. For oral use under the tongue or Axillary use under the armpit – clean thermometer after use with cleaning solution.

Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer 2
Details and specifics

✓ Range: 32°C – 42.9°C (90.0°F-109.9°F)

✓ Display: 3/12 digits

✓ Battery: one 1.55V button size battery (UCC392 of LR41)

✓ Power consumption: 0.15 milli watts in measurement mode

✓ Battery life: more than 200 hours of continuous operation

✓ Weight: Approx. 12 grams including battery

✓ Dimensions: 12 mm by 22 mm by 145 mm

✓ Alarm: Approx. 10 seconds sound signal when peak temperature reached

✓ Accuracy: +/-0.1°C 35.5°C – 42.0°C °C(+/-0.2° F 95.9°F – 107.6°F F +/-0.2°C under 35.5°C or above 42.0°C +/-10.4° F under 95.5° F)

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