Disposable 3-Layer Surgical Mask

This mask is a personal care surgical mask that can effectively block the bacteria and viruses. The mask is divided into three layers, the outer polypropylene non-woven layer (leak proof non-woven fabric) which can effectively block the invasion of bacteria and viruses. The middle layer is a High density filter layer which can effectively filter non-oily particles in the air. The inside is a skin-friendly layer (direct contact skin layer), and the hot air produced by human breathing can be discharged directly out of the mask, which is dry and comfortable. The size of the mask is unisex, the elastic ear band is adjustable, and the adjustable steel wire is attached to the bridge of the nose more convenient to use wearing it, is not only to protect yourself, but also to protect others, and the people you love.

Details and specifics

✓ Medical grade standard masks which can be effectively block bacteria and viruses

✓ Three layers of protection is more secure

✓ Elastic ear band

✓ Adjustable nose bridge clip

✓ Color: Blue

✓ Size: 175mm x 95mm

✓ Pack of 50 pcs

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